National Wildlife Federation's Community Habitat

Yes!  Elm Grove officially became the first registered Community Habitat in the STATE.  Read all about it in the Press Release here. But now the real work starts with completing certification--can we become the first certified community in the state of Wisconsin?

To achieve certification through the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat programNWFLogo, we must create or restore wildlife habitat in our community and do education and outreach.

First, a certain number of homes, schools and common areas must become National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitats by providing the four basic elements that all wildlife need: food, water, cover and places to raise young. The NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat program also requires sustainable gardening practices such as using rain barrels, reducing water usage, removing invasive plants, using native plants and eliminating pesticides. These requirements are based on population – our community requires 150 points to attain this certification. (1 point homes, 3 points for common areas, 5 points for schools)

Second, communities earn education and outreach points through a flexible checklist that includes educating citizens at community events, hosting a native plant sale, organizing a stream clean up, bringing new partners to the effort and hosting workshops.  

We have created a special "Habitat Team" that will work hard to help Elm Grove achieve this distinction by meeting quarterly to assure ongoing progress towards certification.


What can YOU do to help?

  • make sure YOUR home meets criteria and is certified--get all the information you need here
  • do your part by encouraging your Elm Grove neighbors and friends to do the same
  • we get more points if common areas are certified--including public parks, HOA common areas, businesses, places of worship, farms, universities and municipal buildings.  Can you help there?
  • join the Habitat Team!
  • follow our progress and spread the word:)