Bird City Wisconsin

Winter Needs

One of the most difficult times of year for our feathered friends is the end of a winter season. Food and water for the species that stay all winter are at an all time low. Keep those feeders full and, if possible, heat those bird baths so there is some open water. Before long, our migrating friends will start to return and they also will be needing food and water from their long journey. The Wisconsin Birds site has information on everything from best bird watching areas to how we all can help feed, water and create habitat for our traveling friends. Watch for Migratory Bird Day and our new booth at Brookfield’s Farmers Market later this spring.

It’s Official

August 11, 2011 was the official start of Bird City here in the Village of Elm Grove. The Village, at that time, was alighted with 28 other communities to have that distinction. As of 2019, there are 109 Wisconsin communities that fly the Bird City flag over there organizations. The official web site for Bird City,, along with the Wildlife Management section on the Village’s web site, under Our Community, holds valuable information on wild bird care in your yard. Check out both sites to help our feathered friends.

Bird City Facts

After many months of planning, and with the help of municipal workers, Boy Scouts and many volunteers, Elm Grove is officially a part of the Bird City Organization. Please read the official press release (PDF) and stay tuned for future bird viewing in the Grove.

Local bird populations are in harm’s way due to free roaming cats. Browse through the information provided and help our feathered friends.

When it comes to our needs to survive, we have something in common with birds. Birds, as do humans, feel safe in our home environments and need particular nutritional needs every day. Read how to enhance your yard to make a safe environment with plenty of food for the birds in your neighborhood.

We all enjoy looking into our yards on a perfect Wisconsin day. Unfortunately our bird friends do not distinguish glass as an obstacle but as a clear flight path. Find out how to bird proof our windows to keep one of nature’s most beautiful animals safer.

Stay tuned for further updates on opportunities for bird watching here in the Village!