Beautification Committee


  • 6:30 PM
  • First Wednesday of each month
  • Park View Room

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and Minutes are available through the Agenda Center.


Ad Hoc Committee - no term

  • Nicci Sternitzky, Chair
  • Amy Forecki
  • Katie Forecki
  • Deb Baesemann
  • Jamis Bruening
  • Lorinda Patzner
  • Becky Rintelmann
  • Sally Cashin
  • James Lange

Mission Statement

To enhance the natural beauty of the Village of Elm Grove through educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and plantings so that Village residents, their children, and their grandchildren can fully enjoy the beauty our Village has to offer. 

Vision Statement

The Beautification Committee envisions:

  • All property owners take exceptional pride in the landscaping of their properties,
  • Making Elm Grove a municipality of diverse tree species in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture standards
  • The planting of the right plant in the right location with an emphasis on native plants,
  • The beautification of the downtown, the entrances to the Village and other Village rights of way,
  • Rain gardens in private and public gardens in the community for storm water and pollution control,
  • Enhancement of turf areas by the introduction of pollinator gardens.


  • Enlarge the committee as determined by need
  • Sponsor and promote the Bee City USA designation
  • Further promote and support Tree City and Bird City designations
  • Involve members of the business community, schools, churches, and civic groups in the mission of the beautification of Elm Grove
  • Education the public and assist in the implementation of:
    • Pollinator friendly gardening
    • Integrative pest management
    • Promotion of native plantings
    • Eradication of invasive species
    • Mitigation of rainwater runoff and rain gardens
    • Rainwater runoff and rain gardens
    • Composting and healthy soils
    • Promotion of organic lawn care practices


Please visit our Forestry page for valuable information on native plantings, invasive plants, trees and much more!