Use a Library Computer

Computer Use Procedures

  1. Public computer and Internet access is available to Waukesha County library card holders. For non card holders, an annual frequent-use internet-only card may be purchased at the Service Desk. Occasional visitors to the Library may request a guest pass.
  2. Use of the computers may be limited to a one hour block of time, depending on patron demand. Users are limited to two sessions per day. Pending availability, users may request additional time, subject to the librarian’s discretion.
  3. Material can be printed at the rate of $ .15 per page for black and white, $ .50 per page for color copies (pay at the Service Desk after printing). Library users are responsible for any consequences of copyright infringement or other unauthorized use or copying.
  4. To protect library equipment, downloading programs is not allowed on library-owned computers. Saving information to a removable memory device for non-commercial, personal and educational use only, is permissible. Library users are responsible for any consequences of copyright infringement.
  5. Library staff is available to assist in the use of selected resources, but may not be familiar with every application a patron might wish to use, and cannot provide complete technical support. Library staff will endeavor to use their reasonable efforts to provide such support, but the Library assumes no responsibility for the provision or consequences of such support.
  6. The Library’s public computer workstations automatically shut down 15 minutes before closing time.