Strategic Plan


As amended on December 7, 2020 

Strategic Goal:  Enhance/Increase relevancy of the Elm Grove Library to the community.


Content – Continuously evaluate and refine collections and programs to meet ongoing community learning and leisure needs and preferences.

  1. Create the Elm Grove Library (EGL) collection development policy.
  2. Solicit input as appropriate from the user community on content[1].  
  3. Review input results to identify actionable items for content, services and facilities. 

Services – Provide a high quality service to the entire community. 

  1. Identify and evaluate additional programs, services, events, collections and space aimed to attract teen engagement.
  2. Evaluate addition of delivery services to homebound patrons and assisted living facilities.
  3. Promote community awareness of services such as topical programs, database access, online periodical links and other resources available.
  4. Reach out to community partners to share programs of interest in different venues, increasing enjoyment and experiences related to knowledge and understanding. 

Facilities – Provide a welcoming and comfortable place to gather, read and learn, through a user friendly infrastructure, recognizing the broad range of needs and interests across our community. 

  1. With the Village administration, conduct a facilities assessment to explore options for reconfiguring existing space and acquiring additional space within the Village Hall for existing and new uses, taking into consideration survey input.
  2. In partnership with the Friends of the Elm Grove Library (FOEGL), school representatives or other community members, conduct a technology needs assessment to identify strategic technology improvements and training implications (for both staff and patrons) and draft an EGL technology plan for submission to the Trustees.

Effective October 1, 2016

Initially Approved by the Elm Grove Library Board of Trustees, August 15, 2016 and Amended on December 7, 2020 to extend term through June 30, 2023

[1]  For purposes of this plan, the term ”content” means collections and programs.