Internet Safety

Safe Surfing: Internet Safety Tips

The Internet is great and a fun way to explore. However there are bad people out there that want to take advantage of kids. Here are some tips to be smart when surfing on the World Wide Web:

  • Be very careful when on the Internet. People online may not be who they say they are.
  • Never give out your real name, any personal information (like your age or where you live) when you're in a public chat room, on an electronic bulletin board or in your E-mail messages.
  • Make up fun nicknames when you are online.
  • Never call anyone you meet on the Internet.
  • Never send anyone you don't know a picture of yourself.
  • Never respond to messages or bulletin board items that are rude, mean or threatening, and make sure you tell an adult if you get a message like that.
  • Make sure you never give out any passwords. People who work for the Internet will never ask for passwords.
  • Realize that everything you read or see on the Internet may not be true.
  • Never let anyone pressure you into doing something you feel uncomfortable doing.
  • Never enter an area on the Internet that charges for services without asking permission from a responsible adult first.
  • Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with any other computer user without getting a parent's permission.
  • Discuss the rules for using the Internet with your parents. They might put restrictions on the computer to help protect you.