K-9 Units

The K9 Units were formed to help find criminal suspects who had escaped and were hiding in buildings or around neighborhoods.

Officers searched far and wide, but were unable to find the suspects because they were so well hidden. These searches can often take days, even weeks, which puts a big strain on the officers’ valuable patrol time.

Dogs have an acute sense of smell – much better than we humans. They can sniff out suspects wherever they are hiding, and let police officers know where a suspect is hiding before they make a move. This makes it much safer for officers to apprehend dangerous suspects.

At the end of the workday, the K9s go home with their handlers. There, they live in special kennels, but are ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice – day or night. The dogs are well cared for, and constant attention is given to their health and diet. Skilled veterinarians also play a big role in making sure the dogs are in tip-top shape everyday.

Police Dog