High-Visibility Enforcement

Officers will be out in force looking for impaired drivers as part of the High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) conducted in the metropolitan area. Please drink responsibly. Use a designated driver or public transportation in lieu of driving impaired. Don't risk arrest or worse, injuring or killing someone due to impairment.

drive sober cropHigh Visibility Enforcement (HVE); the motto of the task force is “Stop, Test & Arrest” all suspected impaired drivers. However, the true mission is to prevent the behavior of drinking and driving from occurring in the first place. Thanks to the outdoor advertising we have with Lamar Advertising, we are able to educate the motoring public on the danger of impaired driving and the extreme risk of being arrested due to the increased enforcement by the Southeast WI Multi-Jurisdictional High Visibility O.W.I. Task Force.

A critical part of reducing impaired driving is the public awareness necessary to change behaviors.