Assessment of Forfeiture

If at any point an individual is found guilty of an offense, a forfeiture (fine) will be assessed. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, or charge card. Upon request, an extension for payment of the forfeiture will be granted. If not paid, there are a number of alternative sanctions that will be utilized to enforce accountability against the non-paying individual.

The first is a two-year suspension of that individual's driver's license. In order to get the driver's license back, that individual has to not only pay the original forfeiture, but then go to a driver's testing station, fill out a form, usually stand in line, and pay a fine to reinstate his/her privileges. However, that person's driving record will reflect the suspension for a period of five years with obvious consequences.

The second sanction is the issuance of a commitment. A commitment directs any police officer in the State of Wisconsin to pick up the person who is the subject of the commitment and transport them to the Waukesha County jail, where in most cases they can work off the amount of the forfeiture at the rate of $50.00 per day.

Judge Steinle’s policy and philosophy is that the vast majority of our fellow citizens who are responsible and take these matters seriously should be doing so with confidence that the few who ignore their responsibilities face the appropriate consequences.