Required Training

Fire Fighter I Certification

Required for all members of the fire department. The course teaches the basic firefighter job performance skills required by NFPA Standard 1001. Topics include personal protective gear, safe use and maintenance of equipment, ladders, water supply, forcible entry, ventilation, fire attack, search and rescue.

Probationary Training School (PTS)

Firefighters who earn their Fire Fighter I State Certification participate in the department’s Probationary Training School where they practice their basic fire fighting skills and learn the standard operating guidelines (SOG) of our department. Fire fighters are assigned to a duty company after successful completion of PTS.

Monthly Department Training

All members of the department train on a monthly basis on various aspects of fire service operations including SOGs, vehicle extrication, and rapid intervention. Over the years the EGVFD has built strong relationships with its neighboring communities through joint training, providing RIT (rapid intervention team) services, and being a member of MABAS Division 106.