Elm Grove Volunteer Fire Department

The Elm Grove Volunteer Fire Department is made up of a proficient team of fire service professionals, providing a quality service to the Village by stressing safety for residents and department members.

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Things to Know About Your Volunteer Fire Department

Have you ever thought about becoming a firefighter?  
Have you seen the newest member of the fleet?  Rapid Response Unit 2481
Do you want to learn fire safety tips for in your home?  
Do you know the best location to store hazardous materials (paint, gasoline, etc.)?  

Read about these and other topics in the Fire Department Information document.

Letter from the Fire Chief

Like many volunteer fire departments, ours is faced with the same challenges of recruitment, retention, and meeting the regulatory requirements of federal, state, and local agencies. Through the selfless dedication of time and energy by our membership, we continue to provide cost-effective services, meeting the needs of our community.

As a volunteer-based department, we continue to provide training and mentoring for those seeking career positions in the fire service. As a result, over the past 20 years we have trained 14 members who are now in career departments.