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Wood Chip/Mulch Delivery

  1. Woodchip/Mulch Delivery Form

    Woodchips are available from the Public Works Department for all Village residents. The Public Works Department, in a continual effort to recycle, grinds up brush that is brought to the Village Yard Waste Facility to provide landscaping chips for residents' use. The chips are available for you to pickup or can be delivered free to your driveway. Woodchip delivery is generally available April through October (excluding July) based on availability. Delivery is scheduled on a first come-first served basis, but usually within a few days, depending on DPW workload.

  2. *1/2 or Full Truckloads Only.
  3. Use directional such as N, NW, SE, etc. when describing placement. NOTE: Must be dropped on a hard surface, NOT off the driveway.

  4. Please Note

    The DPW only delivers 5 truck loads per day, based on mulch availability, DPW scheduling, and weather. If you need to narrow your delivery down to one day instead of many, please call Village Hall at 262-782-6700 to schedule an exact date. If you are ok with "next available" - you can use this form.

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