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Meeting Room Use Application

  1. Meeting Room Use Application - General Rules and Regulations for Use
    The meeting rooms in Village Hall are provided for use by Elm Grove citizens primarily for community-sponsored activities. They are not to be used by profit-making businesses. The Village of Elm Grove reserves the right to cancel a room reservation or move your organization to a different room if the room reserved is needed for Village use. Fully completed applications for use of the community rooms and conference rooms shall be submitted to Village Hall at least 14 days prior to the requested date. Any requests received less than 14 days in advance may be refused based on availability and timing. The community rooms may be reserved up to 4 months in advance, contingent upon the activity and meeting schedules of the Village and the Recreation Dept. (Village and Recreation Dept. are exempt from 4 month advance reservation and may reserve at any time; FOEGL and the Library can reserve up to 6 months in advance).
  2. Priorities for Use

    Priorities for use shall be in the following order: 

    1. Village Board, Committees, Boards, Commissions, and Municipal Court. 
    2. Activities under Village sponsorship (ie: Recreation programs, CPR classes, etc., sponsored by the Village). 
    3. Community sponsored organizations such as Friends of the Elm Grove Library, Boy/Girl Scouts, Audubon Society, Junior Guild, Garden Club, and residents, including Village of Elm Grove property owners. 
    4. Not for profit and educational organizations. 
    5. Resident/non-community activities (birthdays, anniversaries, showers, family reunions, etc.) **See Fees-Per Meeting below. No for-profit businesses.

  3. Conduct
    There shall be no solicitation of business, donations, sale of items or services, political activities or religious activities conducted in Village Hall.
  4. Availability

    The hours of use of the rooms are subject to regular business hours Monday thru Friday. No reservations on Sundays or holidays.

  5. Fees - Per Meeting

    Room Use Charge:  There is a $25.00 room use charge for any activities falling under item #5 above — Resident/non-community activities. Additionally, all reservations will be charged for any damage that occurs while using the building. 
    Room Set Up and Take Down Fees: There is a $50.00 charge for the set up and removal of tables and chairs, payable at the time of application. You may do your own set up and take down and no fee will be charged.

  6. Decorations

    No confetti or other party decorations that create small debris are allowed. Tape, push pins, tacks, and/or any other adhesive material is not permitted for use on the walls, ceiling or floors.

  7. Cleaning
    The following guidelines must be adhered to (Note: cleaning tools & supplies are provided): 1. Garbage cans in the community rooms need to be emptied and replaced with clean bags. Full bags should be placed by the kitchen door for removal by Village of Elm Grove staff. 2. Wipe down tables, chairs, counters with soap and water or cleaning spray. 3. Take down all tables and chairs and put back where you found them. 4. Floors must be swept or vacuumed. 5. All decorations need to be removed.
  8. Additional Considerations
    1. Use of alcoholic beverages of any kind or smoking will not be permitted. 2. Activities sponsored or attended by minors shall have one adult chaperone for each 15 minors present. These adult chaperones shall remain in attendance during the entire event and shall be held responsible for activities of the event. 3. No storage space is available for groups to leave materials before or after an event or for an event booked at a future date. 4. Proper behavior must be observed at all times both inside and outside the building. Any failure to keep order or acts of vandalism may result in expulsion or arrest. The person making the reservation shall be held responsible for the conduct of the activity. 5. Pets are not allowed in the building unless special exception has been made by the Village Manager. 6. The Village of Elm Grove is not responsible for equipment or material owned by persons using the buildings.
  9. Must be an Elm Grove Resident or Business
  10. Must be an Elm Grove Resident or Business
  11. Meeting room use is limited to Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 8:30pm, Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm. No reservations are permitted on Sundays or holidays. 

  12. Will you have refreshments?*
  13. Equipment Request

    The Village will provide the following equipment, It is the responsibility of the organization using the room to set up and take down any equipment used.

  14. 125 max
  15. Six 5' tables or eight 8' tables

  16. Community/O'Neill Rooms only

  17. Equipment Notes

    WiFi is available, however, we do not have microphones, VCR or cables for computer hookup. You must bring your own. You are welcome to stop by and check out the rooms in advance to see what you may need to bring. 

  18. Acknowledgement*
    I understand by submitting this form, a fee may be required. Incomplete applications will be denied. I further understand all provisions set forth in this application and understand this application is not all encompassing of the requirements of the rooms. I as the applicant will be responsible for any damage to the room or surrounding Village areas. I further understand and will adhere to all of the Rules and regulations set forth in this application. This reservation is not set until confirmed by Village Hall in writing.
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