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Alarm System Application and Permit

  1. Alarm System Application and Permit
    § 91-3 Application for alarm permit. A. Any person having control over any property within the Village of Elm Grove at which there is installed or exists any alarm system shall make an application for an alarm permit as required by the definition of "alarm permit" in § 91-2 by providing information as follows. Such permit shall be issued by the Village Clerk. (1) Name, address and telephone number of party who can be contacted in the event of an emergency or false alarm and who is available upon request of the village within 1/2 hour to provide a key to the premises for which an alarm has been activated for the purposes of inspecting such premises or resetting such alarm system. (2) Identification of party installing the alarm system. (3) Identification of person or firm that can be contacted by the village to report any apparent malfunction in the alarm system. (4) Any other information deemed necessary by the Village Police or Fire Chief for the purpose of providing an appropriate response.
  3. This person must be available to deactivate the alarm and available to take care of any malfunction.
  4. Type of Alarm*
    91-4(A) Audible alarms. No person, firm or corporation shall use or install an alarm system which upon activation shall emit an audible outside alarm unless such system shall automatically shut off within five minutes after being activated.
  6. 91-3(B), (C), (D)
    No information required for an application for alarm permits shall be deemed public information under § 19.31, Wis. Stats., and instead constitutes information whose disclosure would result in a compromise of public safety which is not outweighed by the benefit to the public in disclosure of the same. All information so required shall be maintained in a secured manner by village personnel upon receipt from the Village Clerk. There shall be no fee for any application for alarm permit made. Each alarm permit application shall provide notice to the applicant that the Village of Elm Grove warrants no higher standard of care in providing any police or fire protection or emergency medical services than is available to persons not having such alarm system.
  7. False Alarms
    False alarms; violations and penalties. [Amended 7-26-2005; 12-18-2007] A. Each false alarm that results in the emergency dispatch of any Fire Department personnel, Police Department personnel, or emergency medical services personnel shall be charged a fee per the Village of Elm Grove Fee Schedule, as amended from time to time by the Village Board of Trustees. If the possessor of the alarm can show to the satisfaction of the Police Chief that the false alarm was not the result of negligence, or improper maintenance, such fee may be waived. [Amended 2-24-2009] B. Violation of § 91-4A, Audible alarms, and § 91-4B, Automatically activated phone dialer, shall result in a fine as listed on the Village of Elm Grove Fee Schedule, as amended from time to time by the Village of Elm Grove Board of Trustees. C. Installation of an alarm system without obtaining a permit shall be punishable according to the fee schedule for alarm violations. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each six-month period which elapses without the procurement of a permit. D. This section shall not be applicable to any publicly owned structure within the Village.
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