Library eBooks for your Nook eReader

1. Go to the Wisconsin Digital Library website:


Next: Getting library eBooks on your NOOK requires Adobe Digital Editions be installed on your computer. If you are a first-time user, and need Adobe Digital Editions, proceed to step 2. If not, skip to step 4.

2. Install Adobe Digital Editions:

Go to the Digital Editions website

Click “download” and select the appropriate edition (Windows or Mac).

Follow the prompts to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

If it does not open automatically, open Adobe Digital Editions.

3. Authorize your computer:

Go to the help menu and choose “Authorize Computer.”

If you do not already have an Adobe ID, you will have to create one. Click “Create an Adobe ID."

Enter your name, email address, and create a password to set up an Adobe ID. When created successfully, close the window and return to Adobe Digital Editions. Enter the email address and the password you chose to authorize your computer.

4. Sign in:

Close Adobe Digital Editions and return to the Wisconsin Digital Library website (listed in step 1).

In the upper right corner, click “Sign In” to begin.

Sign in by selecting your library system (Bridges), followed by your full library card number and password (For cards issued before 11/2012, your password is your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy); for cards issued after 11/2012, it is the last four digits of your phone number)

5. Find a book to check out:

You can browse the collection two ways:

1) Click the magnifying glass to manually search for a title or author.

2) Browse the different subjects and collections listed at the top. (When browsing, you can filter your search to limit results by availability, format, subject, etc.)

6. Check out your book:

Click on the book cover. Click “Borrow” to check the book out. You will be given the opportunity to select how long you would like to borrow the item for.

If all copies of the title are checked out to another user, you will see a “Place a Hold” button instead. Click there and enter your email address to be notified when the book is available to check out.

7. Download your book:

Once the book is checked out to you, it will appear on your bookshelf. Access your bookshelf by clicking the "three horizontal lines" icon in the upper right corner. From there, click “Loans” to view your borrowed item.

To download the book to your nook, select “EPUB eBook” from the “choose a format” tab. Then click “confirm.” The title will transfer to Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

Opening the downloaded file will open Adobe Digital Editions automatically.

8. Transferring to your Nook:

Open Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop. The borrowed book should appear in your library.

Connect your Nook to your computer using a USB cable. When your Nook has been detected by your computer, it will appear under “Devices.”

Click on the book and hold down the mouse button. Drag the book over to your device and release the mouse button when a green plus sign appears. Once the transfer is complete, you can disconnect your Nook and start reading!

Important Notes:

  • During the transfer process, your eReader will be automatically authorized with the same Adobe ID or OverDrive account you used on your computer.
  • The NOOK GlowLight Plus doesn't use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer eBooks, and it won't appear under "Devices." Instead, visit this web site for step-by-step assistance.

Helpful Hints

An item’s availability will be indicated just above the book cover. “Available” means the item can be checked out immediately. “Wait List” means the item is unavailable. (You can request a hold for the item).

To find out if a book is compatible with your Nook:

Click on the book cover. Look at the available formats listed on the right side of the page. If Adobe EPUB eBook or Adobe PDF eBook are listed here, the book is compatible.

You can filter incompatible books out of your search by choosing only your format from the filters on the left side of the search page.

Where is my book saved on my Nook?

If you don’t see the book on your home screen, go to My Files > Documents > Digital Editions.

I can’t find the book I’m looking for.

Not every book is available through Wisconsin’s Digital Library. You do have the opportunity to recommend a title be added to the collection. Simply click “Recommend” where prompted.


Why borrow eBooks and audio books from your library?

-Read popular titles on your device for free!
-Access your library’s digital branch anytime, anywhere.
-No late fees!

How long can I borrow an item?

7 days. This can be extended up to 21 days by changing the settings in your account.

Can I renew?

Items can be renewed if another user does not have a hold on the title. The option to renew a title will appear on your Checkouts page within 3 days of the title’s expiration date.

How many items can I check out at once?

You can have up to 10 items checked out at any given time.

Can I return items early?

From the Checkouts page, tap “Return Title” under the book you would like to return. If the item has already been downloaded, you can return it using the software or app you used to download it.

How many books can I place on hold?

You can place up to 10 titles on hold at a time. You’ll receive an email notification when a title you placed on hold becomes available. Once the email is sent, you’ll have 3 days (72 hours) to borrow the title before your hold is cancelled.

What about audio books?

Unfortunately, your NOOK eReader does not support audio books. Audio books can be downloaded to a tablet or a computer.

I need more help! What do I do?

Make an appointment with a librarian! Telephone 262-782-6717 to arrange an appointment for one-on-one training.

Updated 12/2016