Tax Levy & Tax Rate

Tax Levy- 2022-2023Information

The approved 2023 budget includes a specific dollar tax levy for the Village to meet its operating and capital needs for the upcoming year. The levy approved in November 2022 to fund 2023 operations is $7,497,240an increase of 0.71% or $52,805 from the prior year plus the TIF-allocated levy of $222,059 for a total of $7,719,299. The Village levy includes $348,000 for capital charges to MMSD (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District). The district charges the Village annually a capital charge to support the district infrastructure based on Village property values. In 2023 the village continued the $550,000 of tax levy allocated to a new transportation fund.  This fund was created with the goal of addressing the Village's road infrastructure as well as other transportation needs such as bridges and pathways. 

Tax Rate

Property tax bill preparation and collection is handled by the Village Clerk / Deputy Treasurer. The tax levy approved in the Village budget is applied to the Village’s total assessed value of property to determine a tax rate per $1,000. Total assessed value of property in the Village for the 2022 levy (property assessment as of January 1, 2022) was $1,437,330,600.

The tax rate for the December 2022 bill (collected for 2023 operations) is $7,719,299/ ($1,437,330,600/ $1,000) = $5.371. 

Below is additional information on the 2021 tax bill and budge

Tax Bill Information (PDF)

Tax Levy % by Function

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