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Well Operation & Abandonment

  1. Well Operation & Abandonment Permit Application

    The State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mandates that municipalities create a private well ordinance. Generally speaking, the ordinance requires that private wells are abandoned once municipal water is available and hooked up to the property. The ordinance does allow for continued uses such as car washing or lawn watering if the proper steps are taken and a well operation permit is obtained. The well must be abandoned within one year of connection to municipal water or a well operation permit is obtained within 30 days of connecting to municipal water. The well operation permit is good for 5 years. A renewal for the permit may be made, provided that owner reapplies for the permit prior to the five year expiration date. If renewal does not occur, then the well must be abandoned according Wisconsin DNR Regulations.

    Well Abandonment

    If you plan to abandon your well you must contract with a license professional to abandon your well. The well must be abandoned to Wisconsin DNR specifications, specifically NR812 and the DNR Well Abandonment form needs to be completed. Once this has been completed, an application for a plumbing permit can be obtained from the Building Inspector.

  2. Well Operation Permit

    To obtain a well operation permit the following items must be submitted to the Village of Elm Grove:

    1. Completed application below. The application must indicate what the well will be used for. 
    2. One coliform water test result which shows that the water is bacteriologically safe. 
    3. A signed affidavit or letter from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources licensed pump installer or from the Waukesha County Division of Environmental Health Well and Septic Inspector which certifies that the well conforms to Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 812. 4. 
    4. Permit fee of $54.00
  3. What is the use of the well water?*
  4. Acknowledgement

    The well operation permit is good for five years from the date of the approved permit. To continue operation of the well a renewal permit must be made to the Village prior to the expiration of the existing permit. A well owner may request renewal by submitting all required permit information, verifying the all the conditions of well operation are met and payment of the fee is made.

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