No Mow May

The Beautification Committee is happy to report that 3.3% of Elm Grove participated in No Mow May in 2022, surpassing the original goal of 1.5%! Nationally recognized studies have proven that efforts like No Mow May increase bee abundance by 5-fold and bee diversity 3-fold.  Way to go Elm Grove!  Are you looking forward to No Mow May 2023?  

Here are a list of ways you can participate:

*Don't mow your lawn for the month
*Mow your lawn later than you would have otherwise
*Mow your lawn less often than you would have otherwise
*Do any of the above with a portion of your turfgrass
*Don't use any pesticides
*Delay or minimize pesticide use
*Delay yard clean up (to allow overwintering invertebrates to emerge)
*Remove turf grass and plant a pollinator bed
*Remove turf grass around mature trees, especially keystone species, and plant native perennials (see Heather Holm's Soft Landings)
*Remove all invasive species from your property (DNR Chapter NR-40)
*Consider adding plants that support pollinators by checking the National Wildlife Federation's Plant Finder. It ranks plants by the number of butterflies and moths that are supported by them.


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