Underwood Parkway cul de sac at North Avenue

Over the last several months the Village has been reviewing the request to permanently cul de sac Underwood Creek Parkway at North Avenue during the North Avenue reconstruction project. This request was initiated by the homeowners along Underwood Creek Parkway, and Waukesha County has reviewed the proposal. At this time, Waukesha County feels it would be beneficial to the overall corridor to eliminate the intersection as it is very close to the Underwood Creek Bridge at North Avenue and would eliminate some possible conflicts for vehicles entering traffic at North Avenue. 

Criteria established by both the Board of Trustees and the Public Works/Utilities Committee when evaluating cul de sac requests for existing streets.

Exhibits of the potential cul de sac configuration.

Any correspondence related to the Underwood Parkway cul de sac proposal can be emailed directly to the Elm Grove Village Manager, David De Angelis, at ddeangelis@elmgrovewi.org.