Municipal Water

Water service is provided to the Village of Elm Grove through the City of Brookfield’s water utility. The current system is limited to properties that are adjacent to Elm Grove Road, Bluemound Road and Wall Street (PDF). Connection for properties along the municipal water route is completely voluntary. Properties with wells along the route are required to test and inspect their wells to show that they are in good working order.

Utility Water Update

On October 15, 2015 the Brookfield Municipal Water Utility filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin a Simplified Rate Case Application (PDF). The requested rate increase of 3% to be effective December 1, 2015 will affect the Brookfield’s regular rates of service and therefore the rates for Elm Grove customers. If you have any questions, please call the Village Hall at 262-782-6700.

Connecting to Municipal Water

Properties that choose to connect to the municipal water system are responsible for the costs associated with connecting. The cost to connect to the water system varies depending upon the property.

  • Service connection fee. The service connection fee is based upon a Residential Equivalent Connection factor know as REC. REC connection fee will vary depending upon the type of connection. This fee is payable 30 days after connection has been made to the water system.
  • Purchase and installation of a water lateral. The water lateral is the connection from the water main to the building. The cost of this will vary depending upon the location of the building and its distance to the water main.
  • All necessary internal connections. This includes all interior plumbing work that needs to be completed to switch from a private well to municipal water.
  • Abandonment of private well. The existing private well will need to be abandoned. The property owner is responsible for the costs associated with the abandonment. A well may be operated if it meets certain requirements.
  • Permits. The permits required for connection are discussed below. Each permit that is required to complete a connection to the system will have a permit fee.
  • Fees for Water Service. Once connected users become customers of the City of Brookfield’s Water Utility and are billed for water usage based on the utility’s rate charges plus a 25% surcharge.

Permit Requirements

At a minimum four different types of permits will be required to connect to the municipal water system. Permits are issued by the City of Brookfield, Elm Grove and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Water Service Application (City of Brookfield Form). Applied through the City of Brookfield, Inspection Services Department. The permit includes the review and inspection for the connection to the water system, water lateral installation and water meter setup. The City of Brookfield is responsible for issuing permits for any work done from the watermain to the water meter.

Plumbing Permit (State of WI Form). Applied through Elm Grove Building Inspection. The permit covers review and inspection of all interior plumbing work that needs to be done to disconnect from the private well and connect to the water system. Elm Grove is responsible for issuing permits for any interior plumbing work that is done past the water meter.

Right of Way Permit (Waukesha County Form). Permit is applied for through the Elm Grove Department of Public Works. This is required if the project will disturb any area that is within the Village's right of way.

Well Abandonment Permit (WI DNR Form). If the well is to be abandoned, you must have it done properly and follow Wisconsin DNR guidelines. A contractor will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and submit the necessary documents to the DNR.

Well Operation Permit (Online Application).If the well is to remain after connection to the water system a well operation permit must be applied for and issued. A well operation permit is good for a period not to exceed five years. The permit may be renewed after the first five year period provided conditions are met. In order for a well to continue operation it must meet the following standards:

  • Well and pump must meet the requirements of Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 812, in effect at the time the well was constructed.
  • The well and pump must have a history of bacteriologically safe water as evidenced by at least one sample that has been tested.
  • There are no cross connections between the well and pump installation and the municipal water system.
  • The well and pump are only connected to hose bibs or exterior irrigation systems.

More Information

For more information regarding connecting please contact Village Hall at (262) 782-6700. You can also access information regarding Brookfield Water through the links listed below.

Brookfield Water Department Website

Brookfield Water Quality Report