Juneau Boulevard Pathway


The Village of Elm Grove will be constructing a pedestrian pathway along the north side of Juneau Boulevard during the months of June and July. This project is being completed to allow pedestrian access along Juneau Boulevard. The pathway, when completed, will extend from Highland Drive to the Village Park.


The contractor expects to begin work on May 27th. The contractor will begin work at the west end of Juneau Boulevard at Highland Drive and will move east towards the Village Park. Below is a tentative timeline provided by the contractor.

May 27 - June 3   Grading and earthwork
June 4 - June 20   Storm sewer work
June 24- July 1   Asphalt work and landscape restoration


The westbound lane of Juneau Boulevard will be closed to through traffic during construction. Local traffic will be allowed for the duration of the project and access to individual properties in the construction area will remain. Flaggers will be onsite for the duration of the project.

Contacts for Project

Design / Supervising Engineer
Andy Petersen
Email Andy Petersen
Phone number: 1-262-542-5733

Engineer's Project Representative
Rick Justin
Email Rick Justin
Phone number: 1-262-542-5733

Director of Public Works
Richard Paul, Jr.
Email Richard Paul, Jr.
Phone number: 1-262-782-6700

Village Manager
Dave DeAngelis
Email Dave DeAngelis
Phone number: 1-262-782-6700