Elm Tree Sale

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Elm Grove could again be the Village shade-lined with beautiful trees we remember from a generation ago? It could be, with your help. Through the sale of disease resistant trees, the Elm Grove Beautification Committee hopes to help residents restore the grace and beauty that trees brought to the landscape.

You may want to purchase a tree for your yard, or as a gift in recognition of someone special. In the case of a gift, the committee will provide you with a gift card acknowledging your gift and giving details for the March pick-up. You may even think about placing a tree as a memorial in your family cemetery.


Three varieties of 6-7' tall, disease resistant, bare root trees are available, priced at $85.00 each.

Swamp White Oak
Sienna Glen Maple

Delivery of the trees will be in March or April. The weather is the deciding factor. These trees arrive in a dormant stage and will need to be planted right away. The committee is unable to offer guarantees on the trees. The pick-up date will be confirmed by phone or e-mail. For more information, please call Village Hall at (262) 782-6700.

Order Forms

  • Available at Village Hall and various businesses throughout the Village.
  • The absolute deadline for ordering is September 15th.
  • Checks must accompany your order.
  • Payable to Village of Elm Grove.