Snow and Ice Removal

The Village of Elm Grove Department of Public Works requests your help in preparing for a safe snow season. As a reminder, all snow removal representatives (resident or contracted) must adhere to the village ordinances regarding snow placement.

§ 243-15. Removal and Disposal of Snow and Ice

The property owner, person in possession, or person removing snow or ice from any sidewalk, public or private driveway, parking lot or parking area shall dispose of accumulated snow and ice upon such property as follows:

A. Snow or ice removed from private property shall not be deposited onto any fire hydrant, mailbox, or upon any paved right-of-way, public sidewalk, or other public place.

B. Snow and ice shall be deposited so as not to obstruct or interfere with the passage or vision of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

C. Snow and ice shall be removed from any portion of a sidewalk that leads to the street and intersects with the curb at an intersection or corner.

For a complete list of ordinances pertaining to snow removal, review Village Ordinances.

Right of Way (ROW) Obstructions

The DPW will be surveying the snow routes in search for any manhole issues that need adjustment for the plow to travel over as well as any low hanging tree branches that will need to be addressed to avoid damage to the trucks.

In addition, they will also inform residents of any mailboxes that may need attention that are in disrepair, as well as any obstructions that are in the ROW that need to be removed. This may include any rocks, or structures present that may cause damage to the Village plows should they come in contact with them.

*As a reminder, if any resident chooses to mark the turf area in the right of way with snow markers, only break away (fiberglass or aluminum) are allowable. Any steel stakes or other non break away markers will be removed by the DPW crews.