Brush Pick-Up

The Village Public Works Department picks up brush on a scheduled basis three times a year. 

Brush Pickup Guidelines:

  1. Brush may not be piled at roadside any earlier than the weekend preceding your scheduled pickup, or later than Sunday night preceding your pickup week. 
  2. Brush must be placed at the roadside in front of your residence, not in boulevard areas.
  3. Once brush has been collected on your street, crews will not return for additional pickups until the next scheduled date. 
  4. Residents placing brush at the roadside after their last scheduled pickup date will be billed $60.00 per load or fraction of load for the Public Works Department to pick up this brush. 
  5. Brush piles must be in lengths of 6' or less, not one continuous pile.
  6. Brush must be piled parallel with the road, all cut ends pointed in one direction. Brush piled incorrectly, or which is longer than the maximum of six feet, will not be picked up.
  7. Brush must be cut by residents, not by contractors
  8. Brush must be piled separate from logs, with logs no longer than 3'.
  9. Brush cannot be piled:
  • Next to telephone poles, trees, fences, rocks, mailboxes, or any other objects;
  • Under wires or branches;
  • On tarps;
  • In garbage cans or bags; or
  • With trash or yard waste (grass clippings, garden waste, leaves, paper, plastic, etc.)

Bring Your Brush to the Village Recycle Center

Brush and leaves may be brought to the Recycle Center during their normal business hours. Village resident identification is required. If you do not have identification showing your Elm Grove address, please call 262-782-6700.

Schedule a Special Brush Pick-Up

Public Works will provide a special brush pickup outside of the three scheduled neighborhood pickup dates Monday - Thursday, all year round. This pickup is for brush and cut logs only.

A Special Brush Pickup Request along with $60.00 fee (cash or check) must be submitted to Village Hall prior to scheduling your brush pick up. The $60.00 fee covers one truckload of brush and logs; which is approximately 10-12 cubic yards.

Brush Pickup Guidelines must be followed.

A 24 hour notice is required for pickup, pending the Department of Public Works schedule. Items placed near the road after the initial pickup may be subject to a separate request and fee, as well as any load in excess of one truckload.

Special Brush Pick-Up Request (PDF)