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Peer Pressure
Learn more about teens and cyber bullying from your D.A.R.E. Officer or from our Peer Pressure facts sheet.

Fight for you
Respect you
Involve you
Encourage you
Need you
Deserve you
Stand by you

When a friend or someone else you know encourages you to do something that is good for you.

Sounds like: "Come on, let's practice one more time!"

When someone who is your friend tries to get you do to something you may or may not want to do.

Sounds like: "come on, ...but we'll have fun together"

Indirect / Tempting
When someone tries to persuade you or convince you to do something you DO NOT WANT to do (back door method).

Sounds like:  "If we go, I know the party will have some beer, you really should go with us."

When someone makes fun of you to try to get you to do something you DO NOT WANT to do.

Sounds like:  "What, are you chicken?  Come on four eyes, let's go over there and smoke."

Heavy / Bullying
When someone threatens you, physically or verbally, in an attempt to get you to do something you DO NOT WANT to do. 

Sounds like:  "If you don't, you'll be sorry.  I won't be your friend anymore!" Or, "I'm going to punch you!"