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Where Qai Came From
Qai was acquired in January of 2001 from Steinig-Tal Kennels (STK), LLC, in Campbellsport, Wisconsin. STK is owned and operated by Larry & Sandee Filo. They specifically import, breed, and train German Shepherd dogs for police work and have been in business since 1978. Over 70 police K-9 teams are certified and working for various law enforcement and correctional centers throughout the State.

After long research on police canines and training kennels throughout the United States, STK was eventually selected because of their reputation in the law enforcement canine community and accreditation through the Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin. Additionally, the close proximity of this kennel and training facility makes for recurrent monthly and annual certification more efficient and effective for the K-9 team. In most cases, STK acquires German Shepherd dogs directly from Germany or breeds German Shepherd dogs here in the Unites States from bloodlines that are directly from European heritage. Qai was born on January 10, 1999 in the United States at Schafer Lake Kennels in Lawrence, Michigan. He was bred from two imported champion line European (German and Czechoslovakian) German Shepherd dogs. He has the distinct German Shepherd black and tan markings.