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Selection of Qai
Prior to the final acquisition of Qai, STK “loaned” him to his prospective handler, Captain Gus Moulas, on December 23, 2000 for a short period of time. This was an opportunity for the handler to evaluate Qai in an environment other than the training facility. Qai was able to stay with the handler and later visit his potential “work-place”. It is also very important for STK to properly match up the specially trained canine with the appropriate police officer handler. As it turned out, Qai seemed to be a very good fit for his handler, the Department, and community he would eventually work for. Once it was decided that Qai would be the specific canine for the Department, he was allowed to remain living with the handler so that the very important bonding process could begin. While Qai was able to remain living with his handler, they would commute to the kennel for training. Because Qai was a fairly young dog entering police service, he was receiving additional police training until the start of the Basic Canine Training Course in the Spring of 2001.